virtual tours

virtual tour

using our unique software we can also create a full interactive virtual tour from your panormic images, with panoramas and still images, integrating various virtual tour components such as popup windows, floorplans, hotspots, radar and links

our virtual tours provide a very professional and powerful marketing tool to display your property or business to customers

the software virtual tours are created with the following features:
  • panoramas and still photos
  • multiple maps and floorplans
  • hotspots in scenes to trigger various actions like linking to other scenes, and opening popup windows
  • radars in maps to indicate the location of the scene in the map/floorplan
  • popup windows to show detailed images and information
  • bespoke virtual tour template with buttons (various actions can be added), text area, thumbnail, movie controller and more...
  • branded virtual tour loading window and Flash progress bar
  • full screen display of SceneViewer and MapViewer
the virtual tours created can be:
  • in either Html format which is based on Flash player or video format
  • uploaded and embeded in your webpages
  • provided on CDs/DVDs


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